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  “GRACELABS has good expertise in USB protocols and host based/embedded device drivers. We have worked with them in the development of Windows USB COM Port Mux driver, VxWorks based embedded USB CDC-ACM protocol driver and Mux driver for one of our Satellite Communication Products”.

Senior Manager, Software & Protocol Development Addvalue Technologies Ltd. Singapore.

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We have in depth domain expertise in the following areas (For sample projects on device drivers, Protocols, and operating Systems please visit the specific page) :
  • Various types of device drivers on Linux/ Windows/ Windows CE/ Nucleus/ VxWorks/ Solaris/ Unixware/ Apple Mac/ MQX/ Threadx.
  • Network device drivers on Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2K/ Me/ XP/ Vista/ Ce, Solaris, Linux, Unixware, SCO Openserver, Netware, and VxWorks.
  • PCI/ USB Wireless LAN device drivers on Linux/ Windows/ WinCE/ Nucleus.
  • USB device/ protocol drivers at various layers.
  • PCI/ PCI X/ Express/ SDIO/ PCMCIA drivers.
  • Embedded Linux Board Support Packages.
  • Windows CE Board Support Packages.
  • BSPs and device drivers for Cell phone devices, Storage/ Virtualization platforms, Multi media platforms, Hand helds/ PDAs etc.
  • Protocols such as ROHC, LACP (IEEE 802.3 ad), STP/ RSTP, GARP, GMRP, GVRP, TCP/IP, iSCSI, USB and 1394.
  • Storage Virtualization device driver on Windows/ Linux.
  • Software support for mobile devices.
  • WLAN, WUSB and WiMax drivers/ protocols.
  • Linux Internals.
  • Real time operating system porting.
  • Low level diagnostic software.
  • WHQL Testing, Bug fixing and certification assistance.
Domain Expertise - Operating Systems
Domain Expertise - Technologies
Domain Expertise - Architectures
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GRACELABS participates in Computex Taipei
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