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  “We are pleased to be working with GRACELABS. GRACELABS has shown commitment to our business needs by providing us with the right resources. Their consultants bring top quality technology skills and professionalism to their jobs”

Shubho Kundu
Vice-President - HR
LGSI, Bangalore

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We offer services in :
  • System software (Operating system/device driver/protocol software) development.
  • Embedded BSP/drivers/software development.
  • Application development.
  • Testing and diagnostics.
We have been providing both onsite consultancy and outsourced development services. We strive to build strong, lasting win-win relationship with customers through helping them build successful products by :
  • Providing high quality services.
  • Dedicated effort to help make the product a success.
  • High quality expertise and strict adherence to processes.
Our focus has been in the areas of device drivers/Board Support Packages/system/Embedded system software and protocol development across technology domains such as Telecom, Networking, Wireless, and Storage.

GRACELABS is venturing into Application services and software testing domain to complement it's embedded OS and firmware/software development competency. GRACELABS will offer its customers services in related application areas and testing/diagnostic.

Application development services leverages our expertise in low level software and the focus is on application level protocols, middleware, management instrumentation software, embedded application software. Testing services focus on test automation, diagnostics software and validation/certification for drivers/BSPs and the application areas mentioned above.
GRACELABS participates in Embedded System Conference Silicon Valley
GRACELABS participates in Computex Taipei
GRACELABS adds Japanese world leader in Consumer Electronics as new client
GRACELABS adds US world leader in Wireless and Networking Technologies as new client
GRACELABS adds European Semiconductor giant a new client
GRACELABS adds US Automation & Test Instrumentation Company as new client
GRACELABS adds world leader in Test, measurement and monitoring technology as new client.
GRACELABS adds leading company in the semiconductor industry as new client.
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